Hijack a Mech and Kill With a Grin

When I see an imagination specimen like this working prototype of a Gundam/Mech vehicle, the Kuratas, piloted by an attractive Japanese woman in tight fitting tactical gear and short shorts who seems as if she would be just as perky in a multi-male bukaki face bath sequence navigating the streets of not Neo-Tokyo, I can’t help but fantasize having my own Mech, taking it for an albeit slow, 10 mph (comes with diesel engine, easily mod to run on vegi oil) spin to the booze juice store to pick up a sixer of DudesWater. En route, I’d satisfy my western homicidal urges by engaging the onboard weapons system. Smile to fire! Pepper the windows of passing Honda Elements and Scion bento box cars with 6000 rounds of plastic pellets.

Pants will be shat, of that you can be certain.

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