Oliver Trolley “Breaking Bones” on A Trolley Show

San Diego has a plethora, did he say ‘plethora’? Yes, plethora, of music genres. I believe it is due in part to our porous border region, seeping/siphoning/transmuting all forms of culture and sound from everywhere. To maneuver in a city that produces musicians like Gilbert Castellanos, Justin Pearson, Jason Mraz and the Dum Dum Girls is exhilarating to say the least.

Friends of mine, Andrew Rowley, Nathan Marker, Cory Will (introduced to me by my equally music obsessed brother), have a production company called Rowlberto Productions and produce A Trolley Show, wonderful little take-away shows/videos of bands/artists performing on the San Diego Trolley. I’m hoping to cover an upcoming event in the next few weeks for noisey.com but in the meantime, here’s a performance by Oliver Trolley, a local SD band.


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