My DJ Fantasy: Sexy Flash App

Ralph Lagnado, Senior Planner of International Digital Media at Woo Agency posted his company’s latest project for client Samsung on the Music Industry Forum on Its called My DJ Fantasy and it involves a limo, drinking, and VIP treatment, for the user. This super slick marketing campaign is to help launch Samungs new Q1, which is a phone/pda/gps/portable MP3 dj mixing handheld device. It’s large for a handheld, not something you can easily slip into your tight hipster jeans or Louis Vuitton clutch. However you could use it to chop lettuce for burritos after a night at the club mixing for the inevitable after party crowd. Anyway, this is the slickest, quickest flash app (the DJ mixing part if you follow it to the end) I’ve ever seen. The whole ‘choose your own adventure’ is a nice touch but cheesy.

The product itself is very intriguing, being a musician it has some fascinating possibilities, though I’m not sure it’d be any better than an iBook with Logic and Abelton Live. It’s a great example of engagement and for those in the demographic that this touches they’ll probably spend some serious time with it and possibly have repeat visits. Also, Cut Chemist is the celebrity DJ involved, so any fans of Jurassic Five and quality hip-hop will be stoked.

Really liked it with a few exceptions; there should be an option to skip the ‘choose your own adventure’ and go straight to mixing and it would be helpful to see a video of the product demoed in real time, if it was there I missed it because I’d already spent too much time playing around. I wasn’t clear what the product was right off the bat but it was really fun. Best product integrated flash app i’ve ever seen. Kudos to their development team. Now if they could integrate the fantasy into a sharable, social platform, they’d really get some life out of it.

This was a huge leap for a large company like Motorola to launch their product and I’m happy to see they put this kind of trust in web technology. Maybe iteration 2 will actually let users of the Q1 enter a mixing contest that Cut Chemist oversees and the Fantasy becomes reality.  Yo, throw me a new Sliver if you use that idea Motorola, I’ve dropped mine too many times!

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