Neurosis Live on VBS.TV



Thanks to Aubin at for this bit of amazing information. One of my all time favorite bands, Neurosis recently had two live engagements at the Brooklyn Masonic Rights Temple and one of my favorite online video/news/entertainment sites, VBS.TV documented it. Sound quality is good. Band is top notch. Whatever cameras VBS used they were able to capture Steve and Scott and crew in their usual extreme low light setting. Fucking epic! Can’t wait to see them again. Steve Von Till and Scott Kelly both recently released solo records on Neurot Recordings–pick those up tout de suite

You can check it out here. And be sure to poke around VBS.TV for some amazing gonzo video journalism from the likes of Ian Svenonius and his esoteric interview show Soft Focus, and some great docs like Heavy Metal in Baghdad, Garbage Island (About the North Pacific Gyre a swirling mass of plastic and debris) and videos from bands you should know and love like These New Puritans.

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