MP3’s suck and so do films on phones!

Yes, the MP3 is the greatest lie perpetrated by Apple in the history of new music formats. “They’re making it easier to make things worse,” said Lou Reed recently, where he also referenced this amazing clip of David Lynch discussing viewing films on small little hand helds. Don’t be so content with how your entertainment is presented to you that you forget real art should be presented how it was meant, in Hi-Fi in its entirety or on a giant screen.

One thought on “MP3’s suck and so do films on phones!

  1. I actually don’t mind MP3s @320 or AAC @ 256. Much better than a cassette. Remember Dolby? That was the ultimate lie. I think for most people, art doesn’t matter. People used to play their 45s on a shitty turntable or listen to 8-track tapes or AM Radio.

    Now anything under 320 MP3s or 256 AAC is completely unacceptable. That is where Apple lied. Their default on past laptops was at 128AAC, where they said its stereo quality. Yeah, a shitty stereo.

    Now, watching movies on a hand held device is completely different. Thats just moronic. But then again, most people are morons. And so the world turns…

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