Google “Bike There” Petition

Hello. Do you ride a bike? You may or may have ridden one in a while but chances are you know how, or learned at some point and have been languishing in your car since you turned 16. If you live west of the Mississippi you DO live in Car Land, where working buses and subways are so gauche, and rare as buffalo. So if you do ride a two wheeled vehicle more than just on weekends to the beach or bar Swrve makes sweet gear for the urban cyclist who doesn’t want to look like a total douche nozzle. I just got this from my new favorite bicycle clothing company Swrve, who are based out of San Francisco and make affordable COOL looking bike knickers and jackets. NO SPANDEX ZONE!

we don’t usually send out mass e-mails (this is in fact our first!) but the impetus for sending this mail seems worthy. we just heard about a petition to encourage Google to include a “bike there” option in addition to the already-existing “drive there” and “take public transit” options. it seems like a great idea so we thought we would send it along to all of you.

This is a pick of the ones I bought. They are great, durable, breathable, but if you have cats, like I do, these knickers (shants) are instant fur magnets.


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