Congratulations To the Future Mr and Mrs Sarah Glaser!

That’s right! Cullen finally proposed to Sarah, on her last day as a volunteer kelp tank cleaner at the Scripps Birch Aquarium. Kudos to Cullen for the hugeness of the proposal! Six years of dating had to end in a blowout proposal, one that all of San Diego will remember, at least those that read the Tribune today since it made the front page! Not only that but he made the NATIONAL FUCKING NEWS!!!

Some folks like to propose to their loved ones at Scolaris and some like to propose to their loved ones while they are in full scuba gear in a fish tank. But no more of this kind of action for Mr. Hendrix. [I’ll save the one of him ‘asleep’ on the beach for the privacy of the wedding party]

frank the tank

One thought on “Congratulations To the Future Mr and Mrs Sarah Glaser!

  1. Hi Shane-
    With all the new changes at Chasers, I’ve been assured that things have changed there significantly (and I’ve been there twice since Scolari’s took it over and felt completely safe there.) I was actually told this week that the chick who called the skins was fired the day after that incident, and with Donny & T-Bone and all the door guys coming over, I think Chaser’s should be safe (although, as a chick, I’d still be careful parking in certain parts over there). Anyway, I think your show will be fine, and Corey Cava should be fine too. I actually wrote about it for the new CityBeat column that publishes tomorrow 🙂


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