In Rainbows: Discbox at a Glance

Not to worry gay men of Canada! If you have received your discbox from W.A.S.T.E. and have been keeping tabs on the Ad Busters litigation then you won’t need to donate any organs anyway!

Here it is, laid out on my red Ikea rug (that the wife picked out)!

in rainbows discbox

Here is another angle not much different from the first but still worthy of posting a second, almost identical pick. BTW – the vinyl is eatable, edible, you can eat the vinyl in the event of a natural or nuclear holocaust. (not really but its so thick and chunky and sounds like a full meal!) “Bangers and Mash” is a super awesome b-side. Many boners have been popped for this one!


radiohead in rainbows discbox

3 thoughts on “In Rainbows: Discbox at a Glance

  1. Glad to see I’m not the only one who sprung for the discbox. There’s one word that I find myself using consistently when telling people about it: Intimidating. Seriously, it’s kind of scary. The wackiest thing about it is that you have to listen to the super-thick vinyl at 45 RPM, despite it being a full-sized 12″ record. I’ll typically listen to them when I’m in the most pretentious of moods.

  2. Get those records off the scratchy rug dammit!!! Please, only handle them with lint free gloves. Store them in diapers (to keep the moisture out).

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