Discbox has Arrived! In Rainbows

In Rainbows Radiohead coverOkay,

My discbox was sent to work instead of my house and we had a 2 week factory shutdown and it sat here and languished without being opened or listened to. Alas, it was on my desk yesterday, all brown cardboard and protected. I will take pictures tonight and post them. The download was nice but that fucking shit quality 128kbps does not do this masterpiece justice. Oh, and the extra disc is just as good, in case you were wondering. More on that later. Back to the listening…

2 thoughts on “Discbox has Arrived! In Rainbows

  1. i received mine the last week of december.. everyday when the mailman came, i asked him if i had a package.. then it came! I really like how it’s just one big book that everything has a spot for in.. it’s not just a box with cd’s each with their own case.. you know what i’m sayin?

  2. I know. its so well packaged. i feel sorry for the generation below me who is only used to downloading crappy low quality songs from the internet. to miss the beauty of vinyl. even the CD’s are great. the extra disc is awesome and doesn’t actually suck like i expected a ‘b sides’ to be.

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