Does your soul have a cold?

I think the poor Korean guy at the bar last night had a cold but it was in his stomach and it was made out of alcohol that didn’t want to be kept in his belly anymore, so he sprayed the porch of the bar. That alcohol was happy to be free but bummed it couldn’t keep him happy.  I liked Thumbsucker, it was a good movie. Quirky and good. Like I like them. Anyway, I got an update from McSweeney’s and lo and behold they’ve got an interview with Mike Todd about his new endeavor, “Does Your Soul Have a Cold?” A film about depression in Japan. I know Ami is excited to see this one. Here is some info.

“Back in 2000, western pharmaceutical companies began a massive marketing campaign to introduce a new product to the good people of Japan: depression. Before 2000, the good people of Japan apparently did not even have a word to describe sadness as a debilitating biological illness. So the companies had to coin a new word, “utsu,” and create an appropriately catchy ad slogan to help explain the concept. They chose the phrase, “Does Your Soul Have A Cold?” antidepressant sales have since quintupled.

Mike Mills, director of Thumbsucker, has made an incredibly intimate film documenting the human effects of America’s latest cultural export to Japan. “Does Your Soul Have A Cold” will air on IFC Monday October 29th at 9 PM EDT.

Until then, you can watch the IFC trailer here and read our interview with Mike.”

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