Cube Farmers Unite (thru) Desktops

Okay, so it is difficult to be another nameless, button down, beige slacked (or skirted) employee in the rat race. How does one keep ones individuality? If the current climate of your office frowns upon cube decoration that looks like a college dorm room (Tiger Beat Posters and McFarlane Toys!) instead of a place of business and HR is frowning in all their pant-suited-finger-wagging propriety, don’t despair. There is a place where you can go and find yourself a desk top from thousands of really amazing artists to help give your coworkers the impression that you are more than just a really good Excel user. Its called Pixel Girl Presents! Aside from rad desktops by amazing graphic artists from all over the world they’ve got really cool icons, iPhone wallpaper and some other stuff that you might find useful. Here is a nice sample from their selection of desktops called Reposable Parents…so clever.

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