Queens of the Stone Age Vid for 3’s & 7’s

SO sweet! The new vid from the QOTSA boys is total grindhouse style. I think I’ve seen a similar full length chix-ploitation at the Tower bar on more than a few occasions. Pretty remarkable that Queens manages to stay relevant even after releasing Songs for the Deaf. Era Vulgaris puts them back in my favor. I’ll have to post that Josh Interview I did when Lullabies came out. They’ve got a sweet Charger(its actually a 1970 Challenger, thanks for the correction Ol’ Greg) in the vid too. Not this one but its still totally awesome. I know muscle cars aren’t very ‘green’ but they’re so fucking cool and remind me of growing up in the 80’s, riding around with my friend in his brothers Road Runner and listening to Metallica for the first time.

Here is the vid for the song. ITS THE NOT CLEAN/SLIGHTLY FILTHY VERSION.

Queens of the Stone Age – 3’s & 7’s

Posted Yesterday

Badass sex kittens flaunt their switchblades and wreak havoc in a dangerous desert town.

OR the youtube version.

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