Digital Nightmare pt. 1

Man, I creeped myself out by googling myself tonight during a rather boring presentation by a guest speaker. There were hundreds of pages with my name on it, most of them linked to [Former Site] and quite a few from [Former] Magazine. The weirdest one was Zoom Info – a database of professionals. Somehow they have a spider bot that scrapes sites for contact information then links them with relevant online sources, i.e. press releases on the [work] site, and old info from the [other work] site. Fucking weird. So when I publish this blog, when someone is looking to hire me at their awesome company where I’ll rise in the ranks of middle management, they can have a good idea of what they are getting into. Wonder how common doing google searches is for HR managers – it’s becoming a trade tool for managers looking at college grads. All those idiots with pictures of themselves getting drunk in Mexico attempting to keep their wildness hidden from a prospective employer better think about what they publish. I guess it pays to be careful what you put out on line, no mater to what ends you put something ‘out.’ It just exists in this digital void for all the suckling masses of searchers.

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