Critical Mass Revisited

PREFACE: I was looking around online to see if I could find some info on CM rides or some photos from the CM ride I was on a few weeks back. I found this on DIGG and thought it was worth commenting on as I had noticed some recklessness from cyclists and some aggressive behavior (plus the ominous absence of the Mission Hills Bike Shop boys). anyway, check it out. heres the comment I left there.
i’ve been doing cm rides on and off. half the time, at least in san diego it is a positive experience but i’ve noticed on the last few rides that more assholes are joining in, basically reminds me of how a lot of skateboarders didn’t really skate for fun but to engage in criminal activities, graffing stuff with lame tags, harassing people – gang mentality, etc. anyway, i thought your commentary on the matter was interesting and for the most part agreeable. two main things happened on the last ride that made me question why i was taking part in it. 1. an elderly woman got harassed while trying to get through a ‘circled’ intersection. it didn’t get out of hand but as a cowardly bystander some 20 feet away i felt ashamed i was in the same vicinity as the people mocking her – i mean she’s someones grandmother. i know i’d fuck someone up for doing that to my mom or gran. the 2nd thing that happened was going down a side street a bunch of the rowdier types started riding in the other lane into oncoming traffic. I, and a few others, yelled at them to ‘follow the rules’ of the road, whatever that means but to no avail. most of them were pounding tall boys, being obnoxious. while the romance of watching hundreds of rear lights blinking is pretty remarkable, this particular subculture/protest seems to do more harm than good.


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